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Jesus Montero vs. Michael Pineda

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Pineda vs. Montero:  Time to break from blog themes such as “Tag, You’re Racist” and the perpetual Middle East crisis, and focus on what really matters in the lives of everyday humans…baseball. Specifically, the Jesus Montero for Michael Pineda trade .

Win-Win! In January of 2012 the Seattle Mariners traded Michael Pineda for can’t miss star Jesus Montero, along with prospect Hector Noesi. Pineda, a pitcher, was an All Star in 2011, and finished with a respectable 9-10 record and 3.74 ERA. Montero, a catcher, hit .328 with 4 homers and 12 RBIs for the Yankees that September. This seemed a perfect trade, two stars-in-the-making switching teams.

Mariners Win:  Even though Noesi bombed with a 2-12 record, Montero was the real deal. Montero produced solid numbers in 2012, batting .260 with 15 dingers and 62 ribbies. Meanwhile, Pineda suffered tendinitis in his right shoulder, followed by an anterior labral tear, and would end up missing not only 2012, but all of 2013. It looked like the Mariners had made a great trade.

Yankees Win:  Hold on, Montero stunk it up in spring training, hit .201 in his first 100 At Bats of 2013, earning him a spot on the AAA Tacoma. Montero proved he was not a major league catcher, and was relegated to designated hitter. Even worse, he tested positive for PEDs and was suspended 50 days. Then he came into 2014 training camp overweight, while Noesi stunk and took his 5+ ERA to Texas and then Chicago. Meanwhile, Pineda, rehabbed, came in and looked like the real deal in his first few starts of 2014, with a sub 2.00 ERA.

Nobody Wins:  But Pineda got caught with a glob of pine tar on his neck, resulting in a suspension, and derailing his year.

Final Score:  In 2014 Montero looked like he had figured out Triple A pitching, and might make a comeback, but then a scout sent him an ice cream sandwich during a minor league game. Taking offense, Montero went after the scout with a bat, and the Mariners booted Montero for the year. Pineda came back from suspension and hasn’t looked bad, so I’d say for now Pineda beats Montero in the same way that O.J. Simpson’s got better prospects than Aaron Hernandez. Go M’s!


Written by Caleb Powell

September 4, 2014 at 9:11 am