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Sarah Haider’s “Islam and the Necessity of Liberal Critique”

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Sarah Haider, above, articulates the dialectics between not only Islamists and the West, but within liberals who fail to use one standard for religion. A great speech. May she be invited to universities and public forums all over America.

Bigot Deepa Kumar uses “Native Informants” to describe ex-Muslims

Apostasy:  The choice to leave religion. Those who persecute apostasy violate human rights. Hatred of apostates is similar to misogyny, racism, genocide (religious, ethnic, or national), and hatred of homosexuals. Such countries, cultures, and individuals must be challenged. Thanks to Sarah Haider for her courage to tackle one of the most pressing moral issues of our day.


2:20:  “Ex-Muslims, arguably more than any other group are deeply familiar with the problems entrenched within Muslim communities and inherent in Islamic scriptures. As most of us happen to be both people of color and first or second generation immigrants, we are doubly affected, both by hatred and violence from Muslims, but also bigotry and xenophobia from the broader American public.”

2:50:  “I always expected feeling unwelcome from Muslim audiences, but I didn’t anticipate an equal amount of hostility from my allies on the left. For example, when I first published a piece fact checking Reza Aslan (Patheos – Reza Aslan Is Wrong About Islam and This Is Why)…on his dismissal of female genital mutilation as only an African problem, not a Muslim one. I got many response from people unhappy with what I wrote, almost all of whom questioned my motives rather than addressing my claim. To my surprise, most of my critics were not Muslim, rather, they identified as liberals…Now remember, I published a fact check. It seems to me it would be easy to verify my claims:  fact check the fact check.”

4:01:  “Atheists and secularists can feel secure in the knowledge that their allies on the liberal left will stand with them when their target is the far-right Christians….But when the same scrutiny is applied to Islam you find that, inexplicably, some people on the left begin to align themselves with the Islamic religious right.”

7:02:    “Dean Obeidallah, who is a comedian and author and a liberal Muslim, attempted to defend the Muslim countries by pointing out errors (CNN – Bill Maher’s Muslim Problem) in the statistics Maher used. Let me quote his piece on CNN. He says, ‘a 2013 Pew poll actually found only 64% of Egyptians supported this.’ By ‘this’ he means the death penalty, ‘still alarmingly high, but not 90%….while only 13 Muslim nations have penalties for apostasy, while 34 do not.”

8:34:  “Why is my life worth less?”


Written by Caleb Powell

May 28, 2015 at 10:37 pm