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“Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life” at Post Road

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In the spring of 2010 editors Mary Cotton and Ricco Siasoco accepted my short storyMiss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life” for Post Road. It was as an honor to be in the magazine as well as published with authors I’ve bumped into in the literary world, Blake Butler, Jennine Capó Crucet, Ravi Shankar, Cam Terwilliger and others. Recently, Post Road archived the story, a mix of Buddhism, Thai prostitution, AIDS, and Thailand. The story is now available online:

Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life

“Is all life suffering?” Miss Ang asked as she parked in front of the brothel. The concrete monstrosity stood humble and lost in appearance, but the locals knew what transpired there, as did the truckers and businessmen that frequented the Phetkasem Highway heading to or from Kanchanaburi. Two young women sat at a plastic white table underneath an awning. Behind them, steps led to rooms on the second and third floors. One side a vacant storefront, debris, crates, plastic bags with flies buzzing, on the other side a garage,  used tires, boxes of auto parts, and a few mechanics sitting around waiting for their next client. Ambitious plans for the outpost had transformed into piles of rebar and corrugated aluminum stacked at the foundation of the half-finished structure standing in front of an expanse of farmland. She agreed with the Buddhist precept. Yes. All life is suffering…more

Written by Caleb Powell

January 27, 2012 at 8:08 am