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Crime Rates Rising in Everett?

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The Everett Herald Staff headline and lede:
Fearing crime surge, Snohomish County police focus on patrol There’s little data that support — and some numbers that contradict — claims of rampant crime

Inside the editorial, “And while Fortney pointed to increasing crime rates, experts say more comprehensive — and higher quality — data are needed. And some existing data contradicts the sheriff’s claim that crime rates are rising.​”

Same Editorial has this data:

Offenses in Everett by year 
2020 – 11,314 
2021 – 12,249 
2022 – 13,566 (Pace based on 3x 4,522 thru April)
Shots fired incidents per year
2019 – 19 
2020 – 52 
2021 – 75 
2022 – 102 (Pace based on 3x 34 thru April)

Written by Caleb Powell

June 18, 2022 at 7:35 am

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