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Regressive Education Must Stop

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Dear Edmonds School District,

According to Yale’s Alumni Magazine:

“In spring 2012, 62 percent of all grades at Yale College were an A or A-minus,
compared with 10 percent in 1963 and 40 percent in 1974.”

This “everyone gets a star” mentality is regressive. The attempt to make everyone “equal” coincides with the rise of student activists in the form of Social Justice Warriors, who take offense at everything, ironically obstructing diversity. Outside of such fields as engineering, science, and medicine, where achievement is more quantifiable, today’s universities too often champion indoctrination over education.

With the retirement of Edmonds School District’s current superintendent, you are now interviewing candidates as a replacement. I have three children who will attend your schools for the next ten years. We have been very satisfied with ESD, and hope that the next superintendent continues to promote quality education. And this means championing diversity to avoid the above-mentioned problems.

Diversity must be meaningful. Racism and sexism used to signify societal ills, but now when there’s a cry of “Racist Wolf” and people run to  help, they discover the “racism” is “yoga,” “Halloween costumes,” and “sombreros;” not Swastikas. The University of California at Berkeley lists “micro-aggressions” that include “advocating a meritocracy” or “asking someone where they were from.” When a faculty member claims “All Lives Matter,” Black Lives Matters activists demand blood. And if your engagement criticizes BLM, as high school student Michael Moroz found out, you might receive death threats. The latest brouhaha is over “Trump 2016” chalk graffiti at Emory, where students went postal, and one reacted by stating “we are in pain!” These students are products of an elementary and secondary school system that has not prepared them for life. The encouragement of such behavior produces graduates unsuitable to work anywhere but as sinecures in low level government positions or as adjunct professors replicating the same stagnant tropes.

Legitimate political stands must be protected. The harm regressive education poses to society cannot be understated. Many articles have been written on topic, here are three of the most relevant:

  1. The Atlantic:  “The Evidence Free Speech Is Threatened on Campus
  2. The Atlantic:  “The Coddling of the American Mind
  3. The LA Times:  “The Trouble with Racial Awareness

Public schools are funded by taxpayers and thus responsible to the interests of all people. Support peaceful debate but remain impartial. We look forward to working with the incoming Edmonds School District superintendent in creating a challenging environment that rewards students on merit and fosters ideological over superficial diversity, for free exchange of ideas is what upholds democracy, equal rights for everyone, and liberal ideals.

Thank you for your attention,

Caleb Powell

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Written by Caleb Powell

March 28, 2016 at 3:51 pm

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