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Massachusetts Independent Film Festival to Show I Think You’re Totally Wrong: A Quarrel

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Massachusetts Indy Film Festival – I Think You’re Totally Wrong:  A Quarrel will play at MIFF at the Brattle Theater in Cambridge, Mass., Aug. 28 at 7 p.m. 

Interview:  James Franco’s ‘Totally Wrong’ Proves Opposites Do Attract

“Even if you hate writing, you’re going to love James Franco, David Shields, and Caleb Powell’s I Think You’re Totally Wrong.” Charles Mudede, The Stranger

“This notion of investigation offers an alternative to confession. Its goal isn’t sympathy or forgiveness. Life is not personal. Life is evidence. It’s fodder for argument. To put the “I” to work this way invites a different intimacy—not voyeuristic communion but collaborative inquiry, author and reader facing the same questions from inside their inevitably messy lives.” – Leslie Jamison, The Atlantic

“Outrageously entertaining . . . a warm, funny, and charming book that questions not only what it means to live for art, but what it means to live.”—Saul Austerlitz, Boston Globe 

“The two longtime pals disagree on marriage, religion, sex, politics, happiness, film—and everything else—with passion, insight, and panache.”—Lisa Shea, Elle Magazine  

 “Start reading I Think You’re Totally Wrong, then try to stop; I dare you. It screws with your head in a way you can’t shake off, and it’s moving—weirdly moving. It ruined my work day. I loved it. Shields is opening up new ways to be a writer.”—Walter Kirn, author, Up in the Air

Previous Shows:

May 2015 – Vancouver, DOXA Documentary Film Festival
May 2015 – Seattle, Three screenings, Hugo House
July 2015 – Portland, Reed College, private screening, Tin House Writers’ Worskhop
July 2015 – Paris, private screening, Cambridge Writers’ Workshop

Future showings:

August 2015 – Cambridge, Massachusetts Independent Film Festival
October 2015 – Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Chagrin Documentary Film Festival

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