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Tahera Ahmad: Drama Queen or Victim?

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Tahera Ahmad ExTrib

Drama Queen?  From the dust up over Ms. Tahera Ahmad and the Diet Coke, there’s a compelling case that she overreacted and may be more drama queen than victim. And she will lose all credibility if she pursues a lawsuit. But does that matter or excuse bigotry? I write at the Express Tribune:

“If you have been following the ‘Tahera Ahmad and the Diet Coke’ saga, you know that a United Airlines flight attendant refused to serve a Muslim Chaplain, Ms Ahmad, on the grounds that the can could be used as a weapon, a disagreement followed, and a fellow passenger made profane comments aimed at her religious identity… more here”

Tahera Ahmad and the curious case of Islamophobia – The Nation PK
It’s just a can of soda – Dawn
My name is Tahera and I need Coke! – The Nation PK

Written by Caleb Powell

June 14, 2015 at 9:07 am

Posted in Express Tribune, Islam

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