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“No Means No!” The Oregon Ducks vs. Jameis Winston

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Oregon 59 – FSU 20

Another Mikey took a knife while arguing in traffic
Flipper died a natural death, he caught a nasty virus
Then there was the ever present football player-rapist
They were all in love with dyin’, they were doin’ it in Texas
Butthole Surfers

No Means No! Gotta send some love to Oregon players and fans who chanted “No Means No” at accused rapist Jameis Winston on New Year’s Day. Just as with Ben Roethlisberger victims’ (Roethlisberger Beats 3rd Rape Charge), Winston’s accuser was shamed as police and authorities refused to thoroughly investigate. Worse, the accuser received threats and FSU fans supported the quasi-rapist (Jameis Winston Accuser Receives Death Threats).

Recidivism:  How could Rapistberger get charged three times? Predators don’t get it. See JaRapist “F her in the Pussy!” Winston acting like a pigturd (Jameis Winston Shouts Obscenity at FSU).

Focus:  Yes, the accused should have his day in court, but these days society marches in defense of criminals, protects rapists, and then wants justice. There’s even this, “Oregon players should be disciplined.” Well, at this rate, justice ain’t comin’ soon.  The Oregon players shouldn’t be disciplined, they should be commended.

Go Oregon!

“No Means No!”



Written by Caleb Powell

January 2, 2015 at 2:15 pm

One Response

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  1. Absoluetely correct. No way these Ducks should be plucked for exercising not just their first amendment rights but their sense of decency. Unlike 70% of the Noles who had neither the class nor sportsmanship to remain on the field after the game to shake hands. The good guys won this time around so let’s applaud instead of punish them.

    Anne Palmer

    January 2, 2015 at 7:02 pm

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