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Call to “Fight Evil” Is Really Just a Dumb Ad for “Eyes on Fremont”

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An advertisement in a recent Seattle Weekly captures readers’ attention with the slogan: Fight Evil.  This ad then solicits your business. My comments below:

Ad redux: FIGHT EVIL (I’m reading Escape from Camp No. 14, about a man who escapes a North Korean gulag. I don’t think eyeglasses from Eyes on Fremont would put up much “fight” against a North Korean gulag.)

Eyes on Fremont says: Most  eyeglasses are made and distributed by just a few giant “evil empire” companies. Eyes on Fremont is taking a stand against this. When you buy glasses from Eyes on Fremont, know that you are supporting small, independent companies.

Eyes of Fremont then gives a profile: WHAT IS YOUR NAME? – Gus (Ms. Gus Ferguson)  WHAT DO YOU DO? – Optician HOW DO YOU FIGHT EVIL?- Practicing non-judgmental compassion

Eyes on Fremont: Do you really want to call corporations “evil?” How many Microsoft of Google or Boeing etc. employees work in the Seattle area? Small businesses rock, and I’m all for the local merchant, but c’mon. Maybe this hyperbole seems to you humorous or compassionate, and instances of corruption and greed exist in the world of high finance, but I just don’t mesh with throwing a stone of this magnitude.

MESSAGE TO GUS: Gus? Either you are a capitalist hypocritical judgmental prickette, or you lack the sophistication to weigh in one these matters and didn’t know you were making an inept political statement. Eyes on Fremont employees of your ilk might even be decent folk, but I sure hope your glasses aren’t overpriced, and that you think the next time you judge. The compassion you show is fake. Evil accusations should be reserved for, well, those who are evil.


Written by Caleb Powell

May 5, 2012 at 8:21 pm

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  1. Duh


    May 14, 2012 at 8:50 pm

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