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Yīn Dào at Dark Sky Magazine

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人流室: Family Planning Clinic 钱不够, Not enough money, 凑点钱吧 Raise a little money! 下一位 “Next!”

The Chinese word for vagina is yīn dào. Though other words describe female genitalia… (Read here)

无痛人流 Painless Family Planning 无痛3分钟 Painless 3 Minutes 宫腔镜取胚术 Hysteroscopic Embryonic Surgery 微米微管免扩宫 Micron Tube Avoids Embryo Expansion 无痛 Painless 安全 Safe

…Thus begins my essay at Dark Sky Magazine.  The essay was a finalist in the 2008 Faulkner Competition. A big thanks goes to editor Kevin Murphy for accepting the piece. Also, I’d like to thank Susan Terris, guest editor at The Pedestal Magazine, who, almost two years ago, accepted the related poem: Yīn Dào: An Etymology. Both the poem and essay reflect on the history of Chinese sexism, the one-child policy in China, and gender selective abortion. Though China changes daily, future generations must continue to evolve. The cultural preference of male new borns along with widespread use of gender selective abortion has created impending disaster. Most mainland Chinese, fortunately, are aware of this.

NOTE: “Family planning” is a euphemism for abortion.


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  1. Absolutely fascinating article. It’s interesting to see how modern attempts to regulate population combined with social tradition create this problem.


    January 27, 2011 at 8:46 am

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