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descant: When I Am Dictator

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When I Am Dictator, winner of the National Writers Association award for best short story, has been published by descant: Fort Worth’s Journal of Poetry and Fiction, the literary magazine of Texas Christian University.

When I Am Dictator

            In Paris in 1951 during a meeting of communists, Saloth Sar, a Cambodian man, told comrades:  I will control the ministers and I will see to it that they don’t deviate from the line fixed in the people’s interest by the central committee.  In 1976, when this man emerged as leader of the Khmer Rouge, he had changed his name to Pol Pot.

            Though I was no Karl Marx, I figured I could go further with less…

The stories in descant are excellent (no conflict of interest in this objective statement!), to read them along with When I Am Dictator, and to support literature, click here.

Written by Caleb Powell

September 10, 2009 at 2:59 pm

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